BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop (79") - BeaBos Inc
BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop (79") - BeaBos Inc
BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop (79") - BeaBos Inc
BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop (79") - BeaBos Inc
BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop (79") - BeaBos Inc
BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop (79") - BeaBos Inc
BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop (79") - BeaBos Inc

BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop (79")

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Getting better health when keeping living spaces is clean consistently. you will instantly feel less stressed and distracted and relaxed. In addition, living in a dirty and cluttered room can bring about harmful bacteria, allergies, skin problems, and body aches!

It can certainly feel like you’re battling a super-villain when it comes to a lot of things to clean - get rid of it, and it seems like mere moments later theres twice as much as before.

Just think, if having a tool can help you save time to clean and do ALL the process In A Flash. I mean, the SUPER TOOL - here are, paws down, the best ways to manage home cleaning!

We do understand you have spent a lot of money to own cleaning tools and embarrass to learn how to use properly those tools.

This is a very common and irritating situation. Therefore, a startup namely BeaBos put together a team of top designers, technologists, engineers, cleaning lab testing analysts and the BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop was born with the latest water absorption design - smart, sophisticated, yet simple to use.

With a built-in squeegee edge, BeaBos™ Multifunctional Mop mostly cleans everything. It can be used in indoor and outdoor areas like wood floors, yard, balcony, porch, patio, garage to wash the floor, clean up water or spills, clean window, etc.

BeaBs™ Mop makes cleaning faster and easier. Adjustable length, with two mop heads of different materials, 360° rotating design makes cleaning corners easier.

"It's perfect for my one small room efficiency. Besides keeping dust bunnies and dog hair off the floors, it’s great for dusting blinds and any cobwebs or mopping small spills. It hangs up out of the way, taking up almost no space, and the head is washable. Great find." - David Scheffer


  • 360° rotating design for Cleaning, deep dead corner, bathtub, toilet surface and back, mirror, glass, ceiling, easy to clean, easy to install, elastic buckle on both sides, gently pull, change and change

  • Built-in wiper for quick removal of water stains.
  • Easy to use with both sides of it are equipped with airtight adjustment buckles, which are easy to install, and can be replaced by installing or gently pulling. There is a hanging hole at the end of the handle, which is convenient for hanging and draining, and convenient for storage

  • Adjustable length design for easy ceiling cleaning.  Standard style 43"(1.1 m)/Lengthened styles 59"(1.5 m)/Longest styles 79"(2 m

  • Two replaceable mop heads of different materials.  The high-quality chenille mop head is thick and soft, with super water absorption and dust absorption ability

  • Strong water absorption for both wet and dry.  The high-quality chenille mop head is thick and soft, with super water absorption and dust absorption ability

"I love this little guy! Use it every day. The small size makes it easy to reach places not possible with a large mop. Reaches easily into corners, great for baseboards, door facings, behind the television, window sills. Highly recommend !." - Linda Gray

"This mopping system is better than I expected by far. Mopping the floor made easy. The mop design makes it easy to get behind and beside the toilet and into corners. I also enjoy being able to adjust the height of the mop. I highly recommend this system to all who are searching. The floors are CLEAN!!! :)." - Jennifer Lawson

What The Expert Say


  • Material: chenille++fiber+ PP+Stainless steel handle
  • Style: Standard style 43"(1.1 m)/Lengthened styles 59"(1.5 m)/Longest styles 79"(2 m

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Question: How do I get the FREE mop?

Answer: You will get the FREE mop when join our promotion Buy 2 Get 1 FREE. It's mean that you need to add 2 Multifunction Mops (one type of length) to the cart, our system will show the FREE Multifunction Mop in your cart (Prefer to the image below). Then, you just need to add it to the cart because it's free

Question: Are the mop heads easy to remove and machine wash?

Answer: Yes..just pull hard, and it will come off. Washed in the machine with my cleaning rags, air dry!!

Question: What is the mop head diameter?

Answer: The bracket is 6 inches but the mop spreads out to 10 or more.

Question: Will this mop work for picking up pet hair rather than just smearing it around as most mops do?

Answer:  Just like any damp or wet material or mop, it will only pick up things like hairs (and particles) when it's moved across the floor/counter/etc in one direction, then *stopped* and picked up. At that point, the damp thing could be rinsed off and the hair would come with it (or picked off from things like sponge mops). If instead the damp item is just rubbed back and forth along the surface, some hair/particles will cling but some will be redeposited on the floor. Best to sweep or vacuum first to remove hairs and particles, then wet wipe/mop

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