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#1 Best Broom In 2022

4.9/5 Rating

  • Multifunctional 2-In-1 Sweeper

  • Multiple Use: Window, Floors, Ceiling, Etc

  • High-quality materials, easy to clean

  • Washable broom: The rubber broom can be washed in water

  • Adjustable Wiping Sweeper: Flexible to adjust from
    70cm up to 100cm

  • Spliced Magic Wiper

"A multifunctional broom makes cleaning faster and easier"

100% Money Back Guarantee

The BeaBosā„¢ Scraping Broom is not only sweeping the floor but also scraping! Effectively dry the floor surface and easily remove dirt and hair. It can be used to clean pet fur, hair, liquid, glass


Ready For Cleaning Everything In A Flash?

  • Dust around in home?

  • Waste a lot of time to clean home?

  • Many cleaning tools dominate your home space?

4.9/5 Rating


Getting better health when keeping living spaces is clean consistently. you will instantly feel less stressed and distracted and relaxed. In addition, living in a dirty and cluttered room can bring about harmful bacteria, allergies, skin problems, and body aches! 

 It can certainly feel like youā€™re battling a super-villain when it comes to a lot of thing to clean - get rid of it, and it seems like mere moments later thereā€™s twice as much as before. 

Just think, if having a tool can help you save time to clean and do ALL the process In A Flash. I mean, the SUPER TOOL - here are, paws down, the best ways to manage home cleaning! 


Choose BeaBosā„¢ Multifunction Broom as a friend to clean home

Take two deep breaths and look at your floor. What do you see? Hardwood? Carpet? Tile? Can this broom clean them all? Yes, yes, and yes.

Youā€™re telling us we can put away our squeegees, and our mops and use this one Special Broom for all of them?

Thatā€™s exactly what weā€™re saying.Holy cow. That really is a Magic.

The head of this multifunctional broom is made of soft silicone. It is designed to be smooth and can be seamlessly attached to the floor to achieve a perfect sweeping effect, and the hair will not be adsorbed on the broom, The non-slip handle can be hung, which is convenient for storage and saves space

Durable products for you- This BeaBosā„¢ Multifunction Broom made from and well-designed with rubber broom high-density PP material, not afraid of soaking, easy to clean!

100% Money Back Guarantee


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Why Every People Choose Us?

The Best Broom In 2022

Spliced Magic Wiper

* The magic broom comes with stainless steel poles, with adjustable length. The Foam floor squeegee with 12.2" in width helps you finish housework quickly and reduce cleaning time. Make housework simpler and more effective.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Use scenario

* It can be used as floor squeegee, suitable for living room, kitchen, swimming pool, garage, bathroom, etc., can also be used as a wiper to clean the spray glass wiper.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Save Space

* The broom is very light and has a hole in the handle. It can be directly hung on the wall when it is used up without damaging the wall and saving space on the ground.

100% Money Back Guarantee

What The Expert Say.

Ms. Marilyn Beader
Cleaning Lab Director

With the new design and technology for the Silicone head. It works better attaching to the floor to achieve a perfect sweeping effect. We have discovered and tested on multiple types of floors. All of it gets great results

I hope this broom will be an excellent friend that helps you to clean your home. It will help you save a lot of time and energy for the home cleaning process. Remember, work smart, not work hard

Multiple Funtions

Cleaning Water

Cleaning Dust

Cleaning Window (Squeegee Side)

Cleaning Hair

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The Best Broom For Your Home

Wandair Rodrigues

This is the new age of brooms right here! No more cleaning out nasty brisels or flinging dirt everywhere while to have tap it out. This broom easily grabs all the dirt, hair and whatever else may be laying around with ease. It can also help clean up water spills by squgeeing it to one spot. I use the small one to clean my windows! Im was so skeptical about this at first but after using it for the first day.

Mary Kingston

I love this broom! I have 3 cats a dog and a boyfriend who tracks in dirt and sand. This broom sweeps up even the finest dirt and sand that you don't see and other brooms miss and the wisps of fur that float all over the house without having to get out the vacuum.

Berta Wong

.I have 4 dogs that track in sand and shed hair everywhere. We sweep every single day, but the hair just never ends. The pile of hair and sand my daughter and I swept up in 20 minutes was more than a regular broom for the same amount of time.... times 5! They aren't the sturdiest, but they do 5x the work of my sturdiest broom. Even better at getting the hair than my dust mop.

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Is this the full broom or just a part of it?

Hello, what we sell is a complete broom, but you need to install it yourself, the installation is very simple, you can rest assured

Can a broom clean some fine hair? Such as dog hair and cat hair.

Yes, it can! The magic broom is easy to remove the hair from the toilet and living room.

Does it work to remove hair from carpet?

With build the silicone material, it can work perfectly on the carpet to remove hair

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