How to get rid of floor polish

The Effective Way To Get Rid Of Floor Polish

By Jane K - 30 of Aug, 2021

Floor polish normally is a great product that will leave your floor looking brand new and shiny. However, there may come a time when you decide to refinish an object. Floor polish can hinder your finishing process. You may have also accidentally gotten floor polish where you did not want it to go. Floor polish can also create a hazard, as it can create a very slick surface. The information contained below will show you how to remove wood polish easily.

Whether your floor polish is a mistake that needs to be removed or you just want to repolish the floors, the steps below can help you to remove the unwanted polish. There are many types of floors that can be polished, such as wood, tile, or stone. The steps below should be safe for most types of floors, however, it is always best to test a cleaning solution in a small, hidden area first.

You need to prepare

  1. Water
  2. Ammonia
  3. Bar Keepers Friend
  4. A BeaBos multifunction mop
  5. A scrub brush
  6. A bucket
  7. A cloth

Steps to Remove the polish:

1. Get a bucket and fill it with about half a gallon of water

2. Add a cup of ammonia to the bucket, as well as a quarter of a cup of an all purpose powdered cleaner, such as Bar Keepers Friend.

3. Mop a small section of the floor with the mixture.

4. Let the mixture sit on the floor for about 3 minutes, then scrub the area with a stiff-bristled scrub brush.¹ For thicker polish areas , such as corners,² or freshly polished areas, use a credit card or spoon to scrape off the polish

5. Soak up the solution and removed polish with a sponge mop or cloth.

6. Wet sponge mop or cloth with water, then use it to mop the area clean.

7. Repeat the process on the next section of the floor.

8. Pat the floor dry with a towel

Additional Tips

  • Do not let wood floors stay wet for very long as the water can cause warping or cracking.

  • Always wear gloves and ventilate the area well when working with ammonia

  • If your floor polish is wax-based, a commercial wax remover would also work well to remove it.⁴

  • When removing old floor polish, be aware that it will be thicker in corners as it does not get as worn away there, so you may need to repeat the cleaning process in corners twice.²

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